In occasion of the European Cooperation Day 2019, the event “Nature to explore step by step in Alta Murgia National Park” was organized in collaboration with Alta Murgia National Park and PATH project.

The event, which took place on Sunday 22 September 2019 at Masseria Cimadomo a San Magno, Corato (Puglia), consisted in a walk through the paths of Alta Murgia National Park to discover the biodiversity of the landscapes, the history, smells and tastes of the area. The visit involved many people with special needs who enjoyed the tour, supported by experts of the local associations.

The European Cooperation Day (also known as “EC Day”) is an initiative promoted by European Union, on 21 September every year, in order to highlight the results, achieved by the 72 territorial cooperation programs financed through European funds. The aim is to remind citizens that many good things come out when european regions, as Greece and Italy, work together on common challenges as climate adaptation, social inclusion, migration for the growth of our territories.