Community Building events in the Regional Natural Reserves of the Eastern Coast of Taranto

The Regional Natural Reserves of the Eastern Coast of Taranto have started the activities of the Community Building of the PATH Project. In the first meeting held on 15 May 2020, PB4 presented the objectives of the PATH project to the students of the secondary school of the I.C. “Don Bosco” of Manduria.

During the second meeting held on the 22th May 2020, the Director of the Reserve, Mr. Alessandro Mariggio, with Mr. Patrizio Fontana, Veterinarian and health manager of the Manduria “Wildlife Recovery Centre” entrusted to the Nature Reserves, have dealt the importance of biodiversity and the protection of animals and plant species present in the Reserves and along the PATH Project itineraries.

The third meeting was organized on 28th May 2020 at the center visit “Casa del Parco – Masseria Marina”. The purpose of the meeting has been that to involve the local community in the valorization of the paths realized and inform the involved subjects (local authority, environmental associations and tourist companies) on the new tourist-cultural tool that will be realized.